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Activities have increased FMCG sales >250%, raised agent livelihoods 2-3x local averages, and are still 40% more cost effective than traditional field agencies.

Over 5+ years of on-ground rural programs and 10,000+ rural activation events, Next Billion has developed a specialization in last mile data, rural product development, and rapid go-to-market operations that we now apply to our consumer & retail initiatives at scale.

Next Billion is a social enterprise founded in Singapore in 2013.


Our earliest venture, Mobile Movies, simplifies rural insights & activation by partnering with nonprofits to identify, train, and manage rural entrepreneurs ("agents"), equipping each with portable cinema kits to bring together communities with entertaining films.


Agents then leverage these weekly gatherings to: screen TVCs, conduct educational demos, distribute product samples, collect data, and sell products direct to consumers or via general trade outlets.

2013 - 2014

Indonesia, Vietnam

Prototyping Pilots

2015 - 2016

Water & Sanitation

2015 - 2016


Clean Cookstove Program 


Unilever Bangladesh

Hygiene & Oral Care

2016 - 2017

Fortified Nutrition

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2018 - Present​

Global Digital Platforms

Operating 5+ years of last mile programs enabled us to identify clear market gaps for alternative consumer & retail insights. 

Co-creating new solutions to these challenges with existing partners has enabled Next Billion to scale these annual Software-as-a-Service approaches in 11 countries, including:

India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, ​Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa, & Poland

2017 - 2018​


Rural Field Sales

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